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Nutritional supplementation helps in cell symbiosis: selectively and effectively promote vitality

Health starts with healthy cells

Did you know that each of our cells is a combination of formerly unique cell types? These independent cell types have entered into a symbiosis in the course of evolution, ie cooperation for mutual benefit.

Obtain metabolism naturally healthy

Essential in this regard are the power plants of our cells – the average of 2,000 mitochondria per cell. By using oxygen you gain a lot of energy from our food. A disturbance in their function – the so-called respiratory chain – causes a lack of energy, e.g. can lead to burnout syndrome and chronic degenerative disorders.

A healthy metabolism begins with the nutrition, its utilization and resorption, goes further over the transport by blood and tissue into the cellular respiration up to an appropriate excretion. In this steady state, nutrients play an essential role. Targeted, they help the body to maintain or restore health optimally and naturally.

What contribution does Tisso make?

Since 1999, Tisso has specialized in the development and manufacture of nutritional supplements. Its strengths include a strict scientific orientation, including ancient knowledge about plants and herbs in the production and development of products. Natural products from Tisso naturally support your physical health and promote quality of life and vitality into old age.

Every health disorder has causes that can often be complex. Selective support of individual areas is particularly effective in regaining health balance. Good to know that you can support individual areas individually adapted and stabilize their vitality – with products from Tisso. Ask your naturopath, specialist or nutritional expert and find out more about how Tisso products can help your health.

Purchase of products and further information

With this Tisso Präparateübersicht, you can assemble your order and get more information about each product.

Information about cell biosist therapy according to Kremer (MD) can be found in the book of naturopath Ralf Meyer. Tisso also hosts regular introductory seminars for therapists.