Recognize nutrients deficit in the blood

Vital deficiency and oxidative stress

The story of the dark field blood diagnostics has over 200 researchers who – over the past 200 years – count apart with the qualitative blood picture. Independently of each other, they observed that there were changes in the blood plasma of chronic diseased people, such as a too early coagulation in cancer patients. You can still observe at cancer patients that they often tend to venous thrombosis, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism.

Cancer never develops in a healthy organism. Only when the general control and repair systems have collapsed, there is a tumor-forming ability and the body can not sufficiently prevent that a tumor is composed of a single cancer cell. In all chronic degenerative diseases (cancer, rheumatism, etc.) is always an increased oxidative stress before (excess of free radicals in the body). These free radicals are capable of damaging cells of the body, which may lead to cell mutation and cell death in extreme cases. Our cells are constantly trying to prevent this by various enzymes (Gluthation system, superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, etc.) .

Nutrition with vital substances as the basis of health

99.5 % of human development was the human hunter-gatherers. The diet consisted, inter alia, from about 200-300 different plants collected by our ancestors fresh daily. These are rich in phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. These substances are used in the cells to neutralize free radicals. If they are present in an insufficient amount, cell damages caused by free radicals are necessarily: the above-named enzymes can’t balance a malnutrition situation in the long run, so this won’t be enough to protect the cell optimally.

So the vegetable and fruit shortage that has set in recent decades in our population, according to a study of Pedo and Doll (1996) in 35 % of all cancer cases is the sole cause and the main cause of tumor genesis. A sick organism has an increased consumption of vital substances that can be increasingly difficult to meet through diet alone, depending on the severity of the health situation. Background are often immature, layered or profit-oriented grown foods being nothing to do with naturally grown fruits, vegetables or herbs.

To support health, there is therefore the action ‘5 a day’, founded by the German Nutrition Society, the Federal Ministry of Health and the German Cancer Society. Here are propagated to consume 5-8 daily vegetables and fruit servings (about 800 grams). This recommendation applies only for healthy people, because patients consume through their illnesses multiples of vital nutrients.
Check out yourself: Do you eat that portion of these every day? In what quality?

A variety of diseases modern medicine is associating with an increased oxidative stress. Heart and brain consumes up to 80 % of the oxygen that you breathe. Therefore in these two organs very many free radicals are formed, which preferably leads to damage to these organs. They are, for example, one reason for oxidize the cholesterols (blood fats) in the coronary arteries and often accumulate at these locations (incipient arteriosclerosis appears usually at the coronary arteries) – an important factor in heart attacks.

The ingredients of vegetables and fruits can here, as well as with many other chronic diseases, be used prophylactically. Whether you take  enough anti oxidative effecting vegetables and fruits to better your situation, can be assessed with the dark field blood diagnostics. The body needs necessarily the nutrients of vegetables and fruits (about 800g daily) for regeneration, metabolism, and thus also for prevention. Therefore, many therapists recommend a fruit and vegetable concentrate to support a biological treatment and prevention of many diseases.

The following suppliers and their products have proved particularly suitable in this case:

  • LaVita, die basic supply for your body
  • Akmovital for the enzyme supply in your body
  • Tisso for a specific milieu rehabilitation in your body
  • Platinum, for detoxification by plants

Eyample of a downward spiral for the nutrients consumption

When determining the vitamin, mineral and trace element budget of cancer patients, you will always find the same deficiencies. Only when the body’s defense has collapsed and there is a situation in which there are massive damage to the cell internal energy power plants (mitochondria), cancer can arise – a situation in which the body has long suffered from other things in deficiency states. Until the tumor is detected, it releases toxic metabolic products that also affect the organism.

If the tumor is surgically removed, these often massive intervention for his healing will require additional nutrients of all kinds for the wounds to heal. The following chemotherapy is often then the next stage of escalation: the deficiencies of vital substances caused by the chemotherapy are exorbitant. Now there is a very high oxidative stress, which is reflected in the dark field blood diagnostics in the precipitation of fibrin filaments or in the HLB coagulation test causing positive reactions in the sense of a strong dyscrasia (oxidative stress with increased fibrinogen levels).

Support by vital substances

Based on this observation is also the therapeutic consequence of the substitution of fibrinolytic, so anticoagulant enzymes and vital complex compositions. Ideally the therapeutic application depends on the basis of laboratory values​​ that are repeated regularly and thus health development can be improved under control.


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