What is Pathophysiognomy?

Physiognomy is an expression which describes the appearance of an object. In the Pathophysiognomy a special angle of sight is focussed in relation to health issues such as the ability of effort of organs and organ systems and the metabolic situations.




colour differences (grays, redness)

Färbungen 2

emanation differences (bright and dull)


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Ambitions of Pathophysiognomy

Pathophysiognomy is a system for detecting, describing and using as a helpful diagnostic help for

  • specific symptoms
  • the ability of effort of organs and organ systems
  • discrepancy of metabolism

In particular following factors of the facial skin are considered:

  • tenseness
  • emanation
  • structure and shaping
  • coloring

Commonly known in this context are visible anomalies such as shadows under the eyes that arise, for example, after a celebrated night. Other abnormalities in the face like a pale or red nose, eye-catching red cheeks or puffy eyelids are variations, which are also often known to the untrained observer.

You will find more informations about basic and advanced seminars in Pathophysiognomy at seminars Pathophysiognomy.