Personality development & Face reading

The art of knowledge of human nature: intuitive mold interpretation

As a baby we learn to read the faces of our parents, caused by the lack of other possibilities of communication. Moods, intensions up to responding behavior and finally characteristics are partly innate and partly learned on the basis of experience.

Through education and focus on intellectual-oriented thinking, speaking and acting, many people dismiss these original capabilities and are easily misled therefore.

Physiognomy teachings bring these unconscious skills back to awareness, thus bringing success and make life easier in many ways. They serve the awareness and support the principle of self-responsibility and self-awareness.

Welcome on your stage – welcome to your face

The face is the flower of a person and shows how she is! With the help of signs on the face, you can discover life paths, traces of personality and health dispositions.

With the help of psycho-physiognomy your personality traits and characteristics are described as well as your challenges.

At patho-physiognomy the ability of effort of organs and organ systems and the metabolic situations are analyzed and used therapeutically.

Siang Mien / Mian Xiang (Chinese face reading) is based on thousands of years old experience and amaze by unusully detailed situation analysis of the person, their environment and relationships as well as details across time – whether if they are dated back or if they are prospective.

Psychosomtic language: a good key to translate organic symptoms in psychological meanings making understandable, which meaning is behind tense situations.

Working group for knowledge of human nature: extend your knowledge of understanding others and link it with the help of the above disciplines. Active development brings, strengthens and fix knowledge linking it to skills – finally this is what you need in your routine.

Get to know yourself and others better and optimally assess situations.