In addition to the seminar topics above , I offer , as appropriate, special seminars on these topics:

  • Astrology and psycho – physiognomy – knowledge of human nature from two sides
  • Analogy thinking based on Western Astrology – benefits in daily practice
  • Reflexology and somatotopies of the human body and their relation to each other

There are three categories of appointments:

  • fixed seminar dates (for example seminar series)
  • recurring events (e.g. working group for knowledge of humans)
  • individual special events (e.g. lectures, seminar groups, special topics)

Flexible adaptable are the following options:

  • Seminar location (e.g. at your location, in a training institution, nationally and internationally) or webinars
  • course language: English or German

seminar prerequisites

Openness and willingness to learn

Attendance at seminars promoting the formation, opens up new perspectives, thus expanding your perspectives.

Basic training

To participate no special requirements are needed – a certain openness to new ideas is helpful, because into a filled jug nothing new will fit. It’s about creating a broad foundation for the relevant content.

Advanced seminars

These presuppose participation in the basic training or adequate knowledge. On the foundation of basic knowledge it is building on and deepening the existing knowledge, getting further differentiated in content.

Working Group

Participation also requires no special skills, although these are always helpful.

Repetition of seminars

Who wants to repeat already completed seminars, receives within the first two years after the end of the seminar a discount of 30%. Repeaters, referencing other participants receive a discount on the seminar fee of up to 50 % – please contact us via e-mail.
Contact me via e-mail to clarify your request.