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Natura Vitalis says: Guarantee the best of the world

We often travel to the other end of the world to find highly interesting plants and top substances for you.

We then process these – here in Germany – into the popular Natura Vitalis® products. After own recipes – with some millennium old knowledge. We do everything ourselves from A to Z. That means we do not offer finished products from other manufacturers. At Natura Vitalis® you only get originals that are lovingly made. Maybe that explains the unbelievable amount of positive feedback and exciting experiences of our customers.

The most precious and expensive plants from controlled cultivation characterize all products of Natura Vitalis®. We never lower the quality of a product to make it cheaper to produce or cheaper to sell. Constant quality checks by an independent laboratory prove again and again the extraordinarily high quality of our products. Therefore, we can also give you without hesitation our “I feel well guarantee”.

All our products are free of substances that do not belong there. The same applies to our packaging. We do not use PVC, PVCD or chlorinated plastic cans. Our products can be found in so-called “Hostalen cans” that are free of plasticizers, etc. But the most beautiful is the price-performance ratio. At Natura Vitalis® you get high-quality products at affordable prices. This is i.a. possible because we have switched off the middleman. So everyone can really live up to his birthright: his birthright on health!

If you are still not satisfied with a product – we accept every return. For any reason. Anytime. That’s what we call the “you are the judge” guarantee. Of course you do not pay a cent for your return. We take care of that for you.

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