Vital substances – devices for life

Diet plays a vital role in health, which is meanwhile well known to most people. Some general notes are:

  • Avoidance of dairy products such as cheese, quark, yogurt, milk…
  • Reduction of any meat (this is NOT necessarily vegetarian)
  • Avoidance of wheat products
  • Avoidance of unhealthy irritants (alcohol, smoking)
  • enjoy more vegetables and fruits
  • drink enough water throughout the day (body weight x 35/1000)

Just try these suggestions for 8 weeks and check yourself. I would be happy to advise you in a personal appointment or organize lectures if you are a group of interested people.

A meaningful tailored combination of nutrient supplements based on your needs can help you achieve significant stabilization or improvement of your situation. In general, some solutions can be well-suited for everyday use thanks to excellent combination supplements from the field of nutritional supplements.

Quality-conscious manufacturers

usually ask for quality assurance reasons about which therapist they were given. Simply enter “VitalTalent Joachim Bauer” in this case.
Here is a small overview of such manufacturers and their links for more information:

  • Healthy and vital on your own – Feel Nature Concept
  • Strengthen and stabilize vitality – Tisso
  • The Immune System CompanyTM – 4Life
  • Holistic health and wellbeing – Life plus
  • Basic supply “Fit for life” – LaVita
  • Premium recipes directly from the manufacturer – Viabiona
  • Metabolism control: the world of enzymes – Akmovital
  • Premium Orthomolecularia, purity is the recipe for success – hypo-a

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