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Joachim Bauer – expert and coach for vital capacity and vitality


My background

Born in 1968, I completed my university-entrance diploma in 1989 and my training as an industrial clerk in 1991. My business focus was in terms of sales advisory capacity at board level with large corporations and large and medium-sized enterprises.

In 1992, I have become aware of naturopathic subjects caused by intensive Kung Fu training (who violated must be able to heal, so the circle is complete). In this context, I have made my naturopathic education. Additional education such as astrology and channeling followed, and as intermediate energy methods such as Reiki or pranic healing.

In particular, the vital blood diagnostics using the dark-field microscope is one of my priorities since 1996. As part of the community of interest for dark field blood diagnostics (IG-DF) I organize together with colleagues trainings, events, activity days and technical discussions on this multifaceted topic.

Since 2005 I have been studying in the field of face reading mainly psycho- and pathophysiognomy and phrenology, but also the Chinese face reading with many well-known teachers nationally and internationally (i.e. Irmgard Wenzel, Anette Müller, Wilma Castrian, Michael Münch, Natale Ferronato, Marc Grewohl, Karlheinz Raab, Andreas Halstenberg, Rhené Emmerich, Brigitte Ücker-Nahm) and the appropriate literature. Together with the areas of the body language and psychosomatic medicine as an essential aspect of the soul expression these areas of human knowledge are my dominant activity area today.

2015 I have completely switched to mobile missions and training. I teach and support local therapists through analyzes and therapies on their own patient situations. So all sides benefit: therapists learn and upgrade their offers, patients receive additional assessment and help.

2016 started a multi-year comprehensive coaching and supervision training with a focus on group dynamics and leading teams.

2017 an expansion in the analysis possibilities took place: spectrometric measurements, biochemical measurements, frequency measurements and other options significantly expand the portfolio of a vital analysis in order to contribute important findings as a mineral balance diagnostics specialist.

Since 2018 I am pain therapist after Liebscher & Bracht (LNB).

In honor of Anette Müller I built in 2008 an information platform for the exchange of physiognomic topics on the Internet: the  physiognomy forum. Due to the strict data protection regulation DSGVO introduced in 2018, the forum is closed on 25.05.2018.

My activity

Active since 2010, taken together, this leads to the wide range of prevention and face reading.

Major offers therefore are

  • adult education
  • therapists training
  • HR and Management Consultancy

on the subjects

  • personality development
  • coaching & supervision
  • Specialist training
  • individual analyzes

A source of appropriate remedies and products and further on the creation of individual vitality concepts completes the offer for companies, therapists and every individual.

Seminars and consultations take place alongside regional activities and nationwide as well as internationally, for example in Austria, the Netherlands and Norway. I appreciate to answer your individual questions.

My further profiles in the web:  xing facebook linkedin twitter