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Root Treatments – Cause of many diseases

“There is no tooth-root treatment that does not set a herd.” Dr.med. Issels

Focal diseases

A focal disease is referred to when the symptoms found at first do not suggest the actual cause of a disease because they may be far apart. This is why the real cause of chronic or recurring disease is often not easy to find. There are many causes that the human body is brought out of its natural balance. First of all, we should think of nutritional deficiencies, that is to say vitamin and mineral deficiencies, acidic food or too fat food. Metabolism disorders can also result from uncured viral infections or tonsillitis.

Very often the ‘Focal disease’ diagnosis is not made until a patient visits a therapist because of painful joints . The clinician will then detect conspicuous blood titres, such as an increased number of white blood cells, and then cause a Focal research . The patient now consults all current specialists in the hope that a focus will be found that is responsible for the imbalance of the organism. Identifying and removing such a disease is very important because it can otherwise lead to the onset of rheumatic disease , such as osteoarthritis or soft tissue rheumatism.

Focal disease and the oral cavity

Since most of the substances are brought into contact with the internal organs via the oral cavity, this is usually the cause of a focal diseases. Typical focal diseases are particularly the tonsils (tonsils) and defective, usually rooted teeth . The latter are fortunately recognized on a radiograph in most cases well as a root-treated or supplemented tooth with the formation of a granuloma or a cyst.

The above orthopantomogram shows symptoms that may be responsible for a focal disease. A large radiolucent vacuole in the right lower jaw is conspicuous from the tooth 46. The tooth 35 also shows an apical bone removal. The tooth 36 has an insufficient root filling. The tooth 37 also shows an inflammation at the root tip.

Decisive for the role of the teeth as the focal disease is the fact that they are connected in various ways with the rest of the organism. On the one hand there is the anatomically easily detected connection through structures such as the blood, lymphatic and nervous systems. In addition, according to Chinese medicine, there is also the Meridian System (much later proven by light). Connected via these meridians the site of action of a focal disease may be due to far different from its origin point.

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