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The swine flu. Lying and cheating – the machinations of the pharmaceutical lobby.

Poznan – a Dutchman is in the crosshairs of investigators to a more probable appearing corruption and fraud scandal of unprecedented proportions. The man called Albert Osterhaus is Professor of Virology at the University Hospital of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He leads a group of renowned virologist who have recently SARS, bird, seal and swine flu in Europe made acceptable. The Dutch government had appointed a committee of inquiry because of numerous inconsistencies in connection with the new flu, now among other things, had found that on Osterhaus’ accounts’ significant ‘cash receipts are placed, which had been referred personally calculated by manufacturers of vaccines against influenza A / H1N1 and A / H5N1 at him. Swine and bird flu could therefore – as previously rumored loud – be pure inventions of a criminal network of pharmaceutical manufacturers and unscrupulous scientists, because Osterhaus troupe is also located in the main bodies of the WHO.

Biggest cheater in the world history?

Professor Albertus Dominicus Marcellinus Erasmus Osterhaus called the guy who demonstrated first the alleged transmission of avian influenza virus A / H5N1 and hereby triggered the first global panic before poultry products that brought the world more than 100 billion euros of damage. Beneficiaries of this hysteria was the Swiss pharmaceutical giant “Roche”, which provided quickly “new” inoculants and other drugs in the value of x € billion. Osterhaus is the actual leading scientific head of the World Health Organization in questions about the “new” flu but is at the same time clearly on the payroll of GSK Bio Dresden, Aventis, Roche and Baxter in the United States. He and his squad it should have been, who played the proclamation of the highest security level set by the WHO swine flu. Similarly, they acted even to generate hysteria about the bird flu. In this context, emerged again and again, a virologist in Leipzig named Klaus Stöhr as head of the Global Influenza Programme of WHO. He now works for the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Hysteria by criminal PR campaign

Osterhaus is working “closely” with the heads of German and other European and overseas research institutes. They could therefore also be part of a mafia global network that are pleasing to the pharmaceutical industry. Other suspects also includes health politicians, journalists, doctors and health authorities. Billions are on the table and since everyone is up now for the next one. Undoubtedly, there is still no evidence about whether drug for swine or bird flu are at all effective or were. More well known is that vaccines recently demonstrated also as dangerous and besides acting. The most natural remedy against the new flu are hygiene and frequent hand washing, but the WHO, however, indicates only a few announcements, but advises dozens of times to vaccinations. The exaggerated response of WHO on virus types A / H1N1 and A / H5N1 is part of a fraudulent PR campaign, which was an incredible success by many greedy and corrupt helper. More than 40 billion dollars, the pharmaceutical industry is said to have already taken this way alone.

Governments are obliged to respond

“Polskaweb News” provides for months his readers with the strange inconsistancy to the new flu. In our view, there never was probably any other than our old seasonal flu. The laboratories in Europe that actually test for swine flu itself and use any means to achieve this by third parties are not very numerous. Some countries have no such opportunities. Since then helps the Robert Koch Institute or another from Holland or the UK. There is no problem, they know each other well. A good example of this is Poland, which for 7 months prevailed over the pressure-making WHO. No Pole died until a week ago (in 2009) from the swine flu, only a few were infected. Then representatives of the pharmaceutical industry came to Warsaw and have the same 16 people died in a few days, allegedly in connection with the swine flu. We see in this context, now increasingly confirmed a criminal background of the new flu and call on governments to respond with severe measures, because greed is otherwise a real danger to our lives.

Update 2009/11/26 at 9pm

According to a report in the Danish newspaper “Information” many countries – including Denmark – have contracts with major pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines against alleged swine flu. This they commit to purchase their drugs in pandemic event. According to estimates of the investment bank JP Morgan, the pharmaceutical industry has been sold vaccines for more than 11 billion dollars in the last time, the majority of sales came trough the results of the recent WTO decision regarding the swine flu. “This is a real problem and it is worrying that many members of the WHO recommend the use of certain vaccines against swine flu and thus make their ultimate goals clearly.” – quoted “Information” the epidemiologist Tom Jefferson from the Cochrane Center in Rome. Danish journalists have already speaking openly of corruption as a trigger for the swine flu pandemic: “Many scientists, seemingly impartial, working for WHO and are curiously simultaneously on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines”.

The second prime suspect

One of these H1N1 WHO experts, Dr. Frederick Hayden, a good friend of the Dutchman Osterhaus, advises the World Health Organization. He has also chaired a special strategic group (SAGE) at the WHO, which even suggested in July, every citizen of the world to administer two doses of vaccine, “to ensure adequate protection against the new flu”. This although other scholars considered a single vaccination is sufficient. Journalists from the Danish newspaper “Information” have found that Dr. Hayden has also many other employers, for example, Roche, RW Johnson, SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome. Of course, serious scientists and journalists have long been wondering whether the actions of the pharmaceutical companies are pure PR or you have actually to do with a dangerous pandemic. According to WHO within 8 months over 6,000 people have died from the new flu, while the seasonal flu every year that kills up to 600,000 people. Any questions on this?

Pharmaceutical lobby in the WHO

It’s a huge pharmaceutical lobby in the WHO working – and have done so for decades. So it is very difficult to understand what serves the interests of industry or should be classified as factual information. Irrelevant, irresponsible and highly criminal was definitely the announcement of the swine flu pandemic by the henchmen of the pharmaceutical giants. These so-called WHO influenza consultant pursue their own interests and those of their employers in the pharmaceutical industry. Judging by the circumstances of this cruel PR campaign, which subsequently people died after vaccination, minor illnesses were declared to be world-threatening monsters or even fictitious, and we seem to have to do it with high-grade criminals who deserve no mercy. Now it’s about more than just a false alarm and corruption, but also the probable invention of dangerous diseases accompanied by terms such as Spanish flu.

Berlin – a gigantic fraud with a flu that may not exist, or at least has long been regarded as harmless, distinguished more clearly on the horizon. Billion have been many countries in the world to be stolen by the World Health Organization, the pharmaceutical industry and other accomplices from the tax coffers and now is simply given the all-clear, as if the supposedly deadly disease has now been shot to the moon by the Americans. The endorsements of course, come through the same channels to the public, which were previously used to generate panic and hysteria by the criminal charge. Backwardness are millions of shocked, frightened and deceived people, empty money bands and little pitying smiling profiteers of the scandal as health organizations, newspaper publishers, politicians, fraudulent experts and united shareholders of Baxter, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Roche and company. The cover of the flu scam is blown primarily through countless inconsistencies since the beginning of hysteria in Mexico and by the Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz, which had not been bribed and negated the risk not only of the alleged swine flu right there in seven months A -H1N1 hysteria one patient in Poland had not died and last longer even someone was in the hospital with suspected infection, but also its own investigation with the help of an expert staff hired, with her legs constantly asked and pressure were made by the pharmaceutical industry. There are already a lot of victims who have to suffer through vaccination with dubious drugs to after-effects, other thereto should be even died. The fraudsters have not fully achieved their goal because not all countries have fallen for it, but the x-billion that has been taken so far by the panics and won’t be repayed voluntarily.In the coming hours and days you will read the all-clear exactly at the point where you were last excited yet to vaccination by scaremongering. You will now be told that the swine flu was indeed harmless, you should be possible to vaccinate yet. In Austria, Switzerland and France already cautious A-H1N1-clears were told in the evening. The representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, which still waiting for their chance to be in Warsaw, will not be there tomorrow. You should do everything to help to feed all those responsible for this inhuman Mafia to justice.

Source: Polskaweb News

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