Business with diseases

Speech of Dr. med. M. Rath (MD)

Siegen, October 2005

Cancer therapy by Dr. Rath may be controversial. He has not taken in account many causal relationships that are important in the biological cancer therapy. But the fight of the pharmaceutic cartel against Dr. Rath is unique!

The relationships revealed by Dr. Rath are overwhelming. With their profits from the “business with disease” secures the pharmaceutical industry influence in key areas of society. There is hardly a political party that does not perform their work through financial support from the pharmaceutical industry.

In the summer of 2005 was to be found in the press, the members of the Bundestag would get exorbitant amounts for their “advisory functions” of the pharmaceutical industry. These so-called “side jobs” give those politicians – compared to their tasks in the Federal Parliament – a multiple of earnings. The only question is: “Who advises Who ?!” The amount of money suggests rather that the respective politicians are “bought” by the pharmaceutical industry, so in Germany, the European Union and eventually around the world, the “business can be expanded with the disease.”

Since 2004 January 1st, essential drugs from the naturopathic area have disappeared from the market. Expensive admissions, which only the large pharmaceutical companies can invest, were the end of many small naturopathic companies or forced them to remove their for decades successful remedies from the market. In a Commission, for example, where the effectiveness of herbal medicine should be checked, mainly  stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry were situated…

About 10,000 of about 80,000 formerly naturopathic medicines have received approval under the “new” drug laws. The German Pharmacopoeia -DAB- is getting thinner, the European Pharmacopoeia creates scope too powerful.

The health insurance companies are already dependent on government subsidies, the social system in Germany also. In return, the share prices of the pharmaceutical industry grow. Only the chronically ill are ” life-long customer”. For most chronic diseases, the pharmaceutical industry provides only symptomatic therapy. In the symptomatic treatment only the effects of the disease are treated, not the disease itself thus creates dependents of the pharmaceutical industry what drives their profits to infinity – so the contents of the lecture by Dr. Rath.