Psychosomatic language

The soul talks to the body: the mind will not listen to me. The body answers the soul: I will help you – I am doing some symptoms, then the mind has time for you.

Psychosomatic language is the interpretation of symptoms in relation to their emotional content. What will a symptom or disease report? Is there a connection between the experienced and the organ reactions? (German) book titles like “My body barometer of the soul” or “What your illness wants to say to you” indicates so.

The vernacular often shows correlations with statements like “that gets on my nerves”, “my heart sank to my boots” or “to bother ones head about something”.

The psychosomatic language shows the relationship between an emotionally stressful situation and it’s impact on the body or vice versa – a physically stressful situation with a corresponding effect on the mental well being.

Most telling is the questioning and translation of occuring symptoms in relation to current stress situations. In addition to social tensions, tragedies and difficult decisions especially depression and burnout has come into the focus of attention.

Knowledge and awareness is the first step to recovery – the psychosomatic language gives a major boost as a “wow factor”, reinforcing the principle of self-responsibility and improves self-confidence.


These relate to the impact of a mental situation on the body. Generally known is for example the relationship between mood and posture, but also of psychological pressure and cough or throat clearing.

Less attention is often the opposite approach: physical situations affect the psyche. As an example, the load of the liver applied by poisons or medications can manifest itself with mental fatigue and a lack of concentration.

Important in this interaction is to clarify what is cause and what is impact. Physical causes of an inner restlessness need a physical clarification (e.g. examination of enzymatic defects in the metabolism) rather than the prescription of psychoactive drugs (e.g. Ritalin).

The description of the interactions between mental and physical disorders is actually in a scientific research in the context of brain research and psycho-neuro immunology.

Particularly appealing is the fact that one of the most well-known researcher and author is my namesake Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Bauer. I am happy to quote him on this subject: “The brain switches psychology to biology.” More detailed information about his work, such as brain research or psychotherapy can be found on his website on his website.

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