Chinese face reading

Siang Mien / Mian Xiang

In Chinese culture, in addition to the rich knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui is also conveyed an approved study of the face.

According to Chinese thought, major life events and their impact on the psyche and the human body are recognizable in the persons face. The face shows in particular how we lived and felt and what fate the result is – in short: who we are and why we are like that.

In the experience of several millenia, a complex detailed system has evolved showing organic and psychological aspects. A special feature is the fact that all three – lessons learned, probably coming experiences and current impressions – are visible and interpretable, especially in relation to the underlying experiences. Almost in real time actual life stories can be exposed that way, if they have had an emotional impact.

The system is based on the knowledge of yin and yang, the five elements, the life force Chi and a complex imagery. Different classifications on the face such as the “100-year-map” and the “12 palaces” are used therefor. On that basis the correlation between experiences and characteristics of the personality could be structured and communicated.

The seminar objective is to introduce into this fascinating perception and link them to a occidental mindset.

Information on basic training in Chinese face reading can be found at seminars Siang Mien / Mian Xiang.