Interest group for dark field blood diagnostics (IG-DF)

The IG-DF (Interestgroup for dark field blood diagnostics) promote local expertise for vital blood diagnostics. There are only active interested participants, no fixed membership or contributions.

Anyone can participate, who has ever attended a seminar on pleomorphism or alternative / qualitative blood diagnostics – a microscope is not a requirement. In the IG meetings it is possible to work on microscopes, to practice and research. So you deep with hthe help of the IG-DF knowledge to stay “up to date” and gain experience for your daily routine.

As different as the developments in pleomorphism and the vital blood diagnostics are also our participants and their activities. This forum offers many possibilities to actively support the dark field blood diagnostics through a mutual exchange of knowledge with lectures and discussions and even benefit from it. Each exchange promotes the method of dark field blood diagnostics.

In the IG-DF you can find independent advice, eg in all technical questions regarding microscopes and their acquisition. The IG-DF help you with repairs, maintenance or modifications.

More information is available on the website of the IG-DF.