Microscopes & modifications

  • Buy a microscope (new or used)
  • Optimize or modify your microscope
  • Do you have questions about your microscope?
  • Take advantage of our over 15 years of experience, we have proofed for many therapists as well as for our own practice. During this time we have met almost all major manufacturers to improve or remodeling, eg Leitz, Leica, Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus, Steindorff, Will, Hund, Hertel & Reuss, Reichert, Lomo as well as models of Bresser, Hengtech, Optika, Novex …

    You want to buy a microscope (new or used)?

    Invest in a new device or in a used one? Where can money be saved without sacrificing performance, where can you retrofit later? We advise you on what makes sense for your practice and your budget.
    Mikroskop 1Mikroskop 1
    You are welcome to contact us – we examine what can initially improve with simple appliances and can also advise you on complex issues.

    Video and photography?

    We look forward to your questions and help you with the optimum for your application considering your budget.

    Modification to LED-Lighting?

    Beneath the optics it is essential for a microscope to have a good lighting. We are specialized in the conversion of a professional LED lighting in which a dismantling of the old type of lighting is feasible at any time.

    Here are some of our examples:
    Leitz Leitz
    Zeiss Zeiss Bresser Bresser
    Leica Leica
    Hund Hund