Measuring minerals, trace elements and metallic loads in real time

Many know this method from a small finger clip in the clinic, which gives immediate information about pulse and oxygen saturation in the blood. With such a pulse oximeter can quickly identify important values for cardiovascular situation.

The technology for this is based on spectrophotometry, which was already recognized in the 1930s and awarded a Nobel Prize. This diagnostic method has been used successfully for years in the medical laboratory sector as well as in industry.

Without time delay, painless and non-invasive, the concentrations of minerals and heavy metals are measured not only extracellularly but also intracellularly. An intracellular measurement is not possible with other test methods, and thus the OligoScan measurement results lead to novel findings in cell physiology.

Your benefits

Remember that 80% of all chronic diseases are related to heavy metals .

  • Within minutes, you can see the balance of your minerals and the balance of toxic heavy metals.
  • If you have all the results and interpretations of an OligoScan measurement created by a single laboratory, it costs several times as much as an OligoScan measurement.
  • The measurement is painless.
  • Therapy can be defined immediately with a specific nutritional recommendation.
  • Deficiencies in minerals or unwanted toxins may be present in tissues for months or even years without their being apparent in the blood.
  • The correction of nutrient concentrations and metal contamination can be checked after a few weeks.

OligoScan minerals

OligoScan metallic loads