mobile laboratory for blood values

Modern laboratory diagnostics are innovative and fast

Almost everyone knows them: Blood levels from the doctor (small or large blood count). Mostly, they remain in the range of the population average and are therefore inconspicuous. Unfortunately, these values ​​are rarely re-examined in the concrete situation – this gap can be closed.

We can immediately determine the most important blood values ​​with our mobile laboratory analyzer. Findings on your own blood type and derived specifics are interesting hints that are used directly on site.

Supplementary special blood values ​​are recommended situationally in order to narrow down the acquired health picture more precisely. This is often useful in some chronic degenerative diseases.

Current blood values ​​within a few minutes, professional evaluation by modern laboratory diagnostics:

  • blood lipids
  • Blood proteins
  • blood glucose levels
  • liver
  • uric acid levels

    Your blood group gives interesting hints

    In addition your blood type can be determined. From this it is possible to find after D’Adamo (MD) many valuable tips on individual nutrition and you get a corresponding overview that.