Innovative diagnostics

Insights immediately on site

mobile diagnostic options – my specialization, invested for you!

To assess a situation, it is always helpful to be able to use many perspectives. Immediate results facilitate and accelerate the type of appropriate assistance.

In special cases, additional results are requested in specialized laboratories, the evaluation may take several days.

Using different diagnostic options

If the cell is healthy, the human is happy (based on an advertising slogan).

But how can the state of the cells be checked? We work with these possible perspectives:

  • biochemical results
  • visual results
  • spectrometric results
  • frequency-based results

There are different approaches to this:

  • Blood supplies the cells – analyze blood
  • Cells use minerals and trace elements, have strains – analyze tissues
  • Cells metabolize and dispose of substances – hair mineral analysis
  • individual organs have metabolic peculiarities – analysis of urine, breath, stool etc.
  • Incompatibilities, allergies – IgA / IgG test
  • innate features – DNS evaluation
  • Capture tension – heart rate variability
  • Experiences characterize the personality – facial expressions and micro-expressions

Biochemical measurements (laboratory evaluations)

mobile laboratory diagnostics and blood typing
Most people know about blood values ​​from medical examinations, and few people know the importance of being up-to-date. Situational measurements help additional blood group determinations expand the findings.

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Mineral Balance – Hair Mineral Analysis
The hair mineral analysis has for decades been a standard scientific procedure for determining environmental pollution in the organism. It helps to uncover biochemical imbalances.

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Incompatibility and allergy: IgA / IgG test
Tired or weak after eating? This may be due to incompatibilities – not every allergy makes rashes or itches …

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Measurements on a visual level

HLB test and smears
With a bright field microscope, we can look together at dried blood (HLB test), but also smear of mucous membranes etc.

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Vital blood diagnostics
With a darkfield microscope, living processes become visible, e.g. in bacteria or in the vital blood. Get an insight into living events in the blood, which we experience together on the monitor or via a projector as a big picture on the screen.

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Face analysis
Before we could speak, we communicated non-verbally. Our facial expressions and facial features tell of our health and our history.

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Measurements at the spectrometric level

Many know the little finger clip in the clinic, which gives immediate information about pulse and oxygen saturation in the blood. The OligoScan uses this method to determine the condition in the tissue of 19 minerals and trace elements as well as 14 contaminating metals in less than a minute!

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Frequency measurements

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Heart rate variability checks how high your chronic stress is and how it is regulated by your autonomic nervous system.

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