Microscopy & diagnostics

Microscopes – consulting, modification, Sales

  • Microscope wanted (used or new)?
  • The existing microscope should be expanded or improved, e.g. at the lighting or camera?

For optimal support, I am happy to help. My experience ranges from the simplest microscopes for a few 100 € to very professional microscope systems in the range of 45,000 €.

More information is available at Microscopes & modifications.

Diagnostics – innovative and mobile

Basically, every investigation is only an indication, not the absolute truth. Good diagnosis is always based on a variety of information and parameters.

With VitalTalent I am specialized in including many perspectives to minimize the difference between reality (what we perceive to be true) and truth (which everyone perceives individually) as small as possible.

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With regard to diagnostics, you will learn more under the menu items above.

Change of perspective?

(source: funzentrale.com)

Good advice is also based on a wealth of information and parameters.
Those who can bring in many perspectives based on their own experiences will find optimal solutions for inquiries.

In terms of personality development and coaching you will learn more in this area.