Working group face reading

Online event

Here is an overview of the dates.

The working group on face reading is thought to regular exercise, exchange of experience and comprehensive knowledge of human nature, primarily of physiognomy contents. These include:

  • Psycho-physiognomy
  • Pathophysiognomy
  • Chinese face reading Siang Mien / Mian Xiang

Expand your own knowledge and skills, recognize features, link them, interpret them, understand the derivation … these are the focus of the meetings. The online evenings include a key topic (e.g. nose, forehead, digestion, etc. ) that is specified for each appointment and can be adapted to the needs of the participants – please therefore always see the current content at the date announcements.

Joachim Bauer leads on the basis of his many years of experience and the particularity of his multi-layered training in the form of supervision through the respective topic.

It is expected that participants actively participate in the evening – it’s a working group, not a lecture evening. The topic should be prepared by each by his own. Interest in and basic knowledge of physiognomic topics and their deepening are therefore required.

Registration fee

per evening     25,00 €

The first participation is free of charge (trial evening).


Registrations are possible at any time, e.g. via e-Mail. For organizational reasons, a notification is requested until one week before each appointment.

Dates and topics

If pictures are submitted by participants for analysis, these participants declare that the person depicted in each case agrees that the photos can be shown and discussed within the framework of the working group.

Here is an overview of the dates.

Used technical solution for online meeting

Zoom is used as an online solution, an easy-to-use and proven webinar and meeting solution for computers (Windows / Mac), tablet computers, smartphones and simple telephone participation via dial-in. The free software loads automatically the first time you attend a meeting. Alternatively, you can get the software here.