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LaVita offers a unique, holistic comprehensive combination of bioactive substances as a food supplement,” notes the German society for health care (DGG) and writes a dietary supplement as LaVita have an outstanding importance.

Reason: The people in industrialized nations do not even eat half the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, consuming too much fat, salt and empty carbohydrates.

What is so special about LaVita ?

It is not a common nutritional supplement from synthetic nutrients:

“We do not use sweeteners, colorings and flavorings, follow the recommendations of Food Science and unite all the vital substances in natural form: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carnitine, coenzyme Q10, Omega -3 fatty acids, the wide range of phytochemicals and enzymes. A complex cover so that was achieved by the careful processing of high quality fruit, vegetables, herbs and vegetable oils, aloe vera and mare’s milk.”

For legal reasons (disease-related ban advertising of foodstuffs § 12 Section 1 No. 1 LFGB) no applications for the respective ingredients may be listed here.

How do you improve senseful your vital substances

Official Nutrition reports show: More than 90 % of Germans are far from an optimal supply of vital substances. There is a lack of different vitamins and trace elements – and because the amount consumed of fruits and vegetables is often among the recommendations, also in phytochemicals.

Why ? Our fast-paced time doesn’t allow a daily healthy diet no longer. A nutrition with time for the meal, and which consists of fresh local, seasonal and organic food as well as possible. The opposite is the case: Our foods contain by mass cultivation and thus all associated industrial processes often only fractions of value-adding vital substances.

What to do? Nutrients are needed in all metabolic processes and in every single cell. Only an organism that is optimally supplied can function optimally. Dietary supplement is the logical answer. About the quality of a product to decide in particular the composition, the origin of the ingredients, the dosage, the dosage form and above all the necessary complexity.

Who deals with this subject intensively, inevitably come across LaVita that meets all requirements of an optimal dietary supplement:

  • Proven and recommended: LaVita is for 10 years to strengthen the immune system, prevention and proven concomitantly with many therapies. Recommended by the German Society for Health Care (DGG) and more than 3000 experts.
  • From Nature: The juice concentrate is made from 70 carefully selected food.
  • Complete and native: This makes it contains all the essential nutrients from 100% natural sources in a juice.
  • Scientifically studied: LaVita strengthens the immune system and improves the antioxidant status, homocysteine, erythrocytes, liver function tests and urine pH
  • The dosage of vitamins and trace elements depends on the recommendations of the vital substance doctrine (orthomolecular medicine).
  • Liquid than tasty juice. So the vital substances are optimally available for the organism.
  • Thousandfold confirmed by customers: LaVita strengthens the immune system, increases concentration and performance, vitality and well-being, supports healthy weight loss and much more

Delivery and further information

LaVita is sold exclusively via direct sales. Your advantage: You order directly from the supplier, thus avoiding the trade margins of wholesalers and retailers. The products arrive very fresh directly by post to you. Take the online shop for convenient direct order and get more information about LaVita .

With vitamins successfully against fatigue

Tired, flabby, exhausted, lacking in energy? Reason could be a lack of nutrients.

You often feel tired,  weak and unpowered? Then you’re like the subjects in “Look at yourself smart!” Vitamin test. Here was measured which diet can best work against fatigue. In the test were each day 5 servings of fruits, canned fruit, vitamin pills and the natural vital substance concentrate LaVita.

All subjects had pre-test bad blood values ​​regarding vitamins and minerals. After six weeks was measured again: The best blood values ​​showed on the daily intake of LaVita. The vital substance concentrate even came out on top of 5 servings of fruit a day. The test also revealed: Vitamin tablets and canned fruit have no effect.

The good performance of LaVita is not surprising. The liquid and natural juice concentrate contains all the vitamins, minerals, L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 in an optimal dosage. In addition it contains the full range of phytochemicals, omega-3 fatty acid and enzymes and essential amino acids. The special feature: LaVita is the essence of 70 food products, it is 100% natural. Recommended!

Here you get more information about LaVita Vitamin test.