Seminars Dried Layer Test

Basic training Dried Layer test

Training targets

Objectives of basic training in Dried Layer test are:

  • Learn the theoretical basics of the system of the Dried Layer test
  • Basic knowledge of how a simple microscope works
  • Proper setting up of a usable preparation for examination
  • Derivation of a first hint diagnosis

Book recommendations for training

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Training period

2 days, 9am – 12pm and 1:30pm – 5pm

Educational content

  • Learning the structure and functionality of a microscope, especially in bright field microscopy
  • Learning the theoretical fundamentals and the essential development steps for the Dried Layer test
  • Training the findings on the meaningful phenomena and their interpretation
  • Linking the findings to an overall statement as a basis for a first hint diagnosis
  • Microscope Practice: Settings, Proper Blood Collection, Typical Errors, Examination Flow

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